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Boxwood and ivory clarinet early 19th century. Astor. Good condition. £600

Ref: P851W

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Boxwood and ivory clarinet by A. Ferry. Paris c1850. £450

Ref: P221W

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Clarinet by Cousenon. Boehm.Plays OK. £100

Ref: P213W


Mid 19thc 8 keyed ebony and ivory clarinet. £675

Ref: P852W

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Bassoon by Corton. With case.



Practice Chanter for Highland Bagpipe. £25

Ref: C410W

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Musette (piccolo oboe) French system. Late 19thc. Plays OK. £225

Ref: P873W

Early 19thc boxwood and ivory clarinet by D'Almaine. Good condition. £550

Ref: P850W

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Bb Chalumeau by Hahl, as new. £48

Ref: C403W

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A mid 20th c oboe by Lafleur. Good order. £150

Ref: P659W

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E Chalumeau by Hahl, as new. £25

Ref: C402W

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Keyless bombarde, as new. £25

Ref: C411W

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Xaphoon Pocket Sax, as new. £65

Ref: C409W

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Bassoon Stamped Buisson, cased. £425

Ref: C400W

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