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Double Flageolet by Bainbridge. Boxwood and ivory. Good condition. £1750

Ref: P723F

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19thc tuning pitch pipe. £95

Ref: P259F

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Late 19th century flageolet. In very good condition and playing order. £195 . Ref:P931F

Early 19th century boxwood flageolet by Simpson. £1500


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Silver piccolo by Buisson. With case. £250

Ref: P449F

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19thc 6 keyed Piccolo £75

Ref: P261F

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C 1900. Piccolo. Ebony & ivory. Case. £100

Ref: P504F

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Piccolo Swannee whistle 1920s. Playing order. £65

Ref: P172F

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Mid 19thc boxwood one keyed piccolo. £95


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Walking stick whistle/flute probably circa 1900. £375

Ref: P630F

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Ebony fife 19thc


Ref: P147F