Violas, Cello, Double Bass and Smaller Violins For Sale

Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments

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Cello. Full size German late 19th century. Playing order with gig bag. £575

Ref: P927Vc

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Viola, mid-20th century European. £150

Ref: C309Va

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Asymmetric viola. Willi Strohn 1956. Well made and plays well. £1275 .


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1/2 size and double bass. Good playing order. £295 RESERVED

Ref: P933Vdb

Viola. Mid 20th century student model. £65

Ref: C357Va

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Three Quarter and Smaller Sizes

French Half Size Violin, JTL. £120

Ref: C316V

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Three Quarter Size BohemianViolin £65

Ref: C319V

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Three Quarter Size Violin, Maidstone £95

Ref: C258V

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Three Quarter Size Violin with Bow and Case £95

Ref: C284V

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3/4 size German violin c 1910. Plays well £150

Ref: P907V

Three Quarter Size Violin £95

Ref: C382V

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Half Size Violin, German 19th C £125

Ref: C251V

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Quarter Size Violin

Ref: C379V

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1/8 size 19thc German violin. £175 Here soon