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Vintage and collectors' instruments 1940s-1970s

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1957 Hofner Committe. Full bodied electric. Very good condition. Plays well. £1450


1950s archtop F hole guitar probably by Framus. Good playing order. £275 Ref: P623G

Large bodied guitar by Martinez. 69cm string length. £450

ref: P438G

Violin bass c1961 by Eko, Italy. Playing order. £495

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Shiraki. 1970s electro- acoustic guitar. £350 . Ref:P396G

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Collectable Acrylic Tenor Guitar £65


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Twelve String Spanish Guitar, Juan Estruch. £175

Ref: C224G

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Michigan archtop 1950s. Playing order.


8 string slide guitar early 1950s


1950s or 60s F hole Guitar


Framus archtop. Black Rose stamped on the tail piece.