VALUATIONS by Instruments Past

We would be pleased to give valuations of instruments to personal callers.  There will be a charge of £12 for verbal assessments or £30 for a written valuation for insurance purposes for this service. If you post items to us for assessment, we will add return postage and handling costs to this. (See our Shipping Rates page)

 Often you will be able to get an indication of the value of your instrument by having a look for similar items on our pages. (Values should be higher if being used for insurance purposes).
If you send us pictures, please keep them at a reasonable size, as oversized photos emailed to us get automatically deleted by our virus scan.

We do purchase instruments, but would need to know your asking price and full details.
If you post an instrument to us for the purpose of assessment and the possibility of us buying from you, please bear in mind that, in the event of our offer being refused by you, you as the sender will be responsible for the return postage and handling costs, as per conditions above.