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Viol. gamba. pochette. frame fiddle. viola d'amore. stroviols. phono fiddle. lions head. eccentric shape fiddle. hardanger. etc. And keep scrolling down for more!

8 string Hardanger fiddle. In good playing order. £975 RESERVED


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Interesting rebec or pochette and bow. Possibly Eastern Europe. £250


19th centry fake violin labelled Thiery. With fake cracks and ageing. Plays well. £375


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Violin by Thomas Howell. Bristol. 1836. Playing order. £1500


One string knee fiddle. Uni-tar. Middle East. £150

Ref: P760Vod




An interesting and profusely decorated violin. Inlays and carved back and head stock. By Harwick. £680


Viola D'amore. 14 string. Probably early 20thc. £1250

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Violin shaped fretted table zither. £165

Ref: P947Vod

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A unique viola made of 100s of bits of wood. Napoleonic period prisoner of war. £850 Ref: P894Vod

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Strohviols One String Fiddle, brass horn, good order. £250

Ref: C362V

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19thc violin with carved headstock. Well made plays well. £895 Ref:P735Vod

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19th century Bavarian violin with castle carved back £375

Ref: P775Vod

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19thc Violin with carved finial. High angular arched back, table. £650


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Guitar Shaped Violin £110

Ref: C226V

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Asymmetric viola. Willi Strohn 1956. Well made and plays well. £975

Ref: P778Vod

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Unusual shape violin with back inlay design. £575

Ref: P764Vod

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Viola D'Amore. William Shepherd. London. 1976. £850


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19th century violin of "pie-crust" outline and carved old mans head finial. V. good condition. £975


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A mid 19thc Stainer style violin with carved head finial. £500

Ref: P821Vod

19th century violin with carved headstock and back. £450

Ref: P782Vod

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Contemporary "Pie-crust " Outline Violin. £225

Ref: C313V

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FIVE string pie Crust Outline Violin with carved head stock, £625 . Ref: P961Vod

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Old unusual hand made fiddle. Playing order. £225


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Viola D'Amore. William Shepherd. London. 1976. £850

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Antique Guitar Shaped Violin.

Ref: P955Vod

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Rebec. Possibly by Dolmetsch.


An original 4 string,Stroh. Labelled Stroviols. Good playing order.