Projects and Clearance

Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments needing restoration or improvement. Sold at a reasonable price before we've worked on them. Your chance to snap up a bargain and do your own restoration work.

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Button Accordion for overhaul.


Ref: C291S

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Two Marching Drums, for restoration. £70 the pair or sold separately

Ref: C207D

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Two Bodhran type Drums £25

Ref: C212R

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Clarinet for Repair.

Bakelite, no mouthpiece



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Hammered Dulcimer for restoration


Ref: C110Z

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Bowl back mandolin, Pugsli. Catania. £60


Neapolitan mandolin. Needs frets & tuners one side etc.


Wind Instrument of Uncertain Origin £20

Ref: C278E

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German-made Bos Melodeon, needs work £20

Ref: C264S

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Sarangi, incomplete


Ref: C292E

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Four Valve Euphonium Stamped Delacy. Needs overhaul. £75

Ref: C267T

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Hand Horn, (hunting horn)

Ref: C289T

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