Instruments Past: New Additions

These are some of the instruments which have been acquired by us but are possibly not yet ready to be displayed on the web site. Prices are estimated and may change.

W. after the price indicates it is now on the web site.

Date Item Description Price
01/07/20 Stroviols 4 string Stroh violin. Here soon  
. Flute Ebony 19thc flute. Ruddal Rose  
. Clarinet 19thc Boxwood clarinet. brass mounts. Bulter  
. violin minature violin and case early 20thc.  
30/06/20 Banjo 5 string by Kettle. Desonator double adjustable perch pole £200
. Banjo 5 string c1900 open back £165
. Banjo Broadcaster uke banjo. Pearoid finish £165
. Banjo 5 string banjo. 12inch pot circa 1880s. £250
. Banjo 5 string zither banjo. MOP inlays £120
. Banjo 4 string open back short scale tenor banjo by Abbot c1920 £395
. violin Early violin with gargoyle finial. RESERVED £800
. harp Early 19thc harp. Probably by Morley £750
. fiddle Phono fiddle. Brass horn. Howson £265
. fiddle Stroviol one string. For renovation £150