Instruments Past: New Additions

These are instruments which have been acquired by us but are possibly not yet ready to be displayed on the web site. Prices are estimated and may change.

R. after the price means the instrument is ready for inclusion (photos available).

W. after the price indicates it is now on the web site.

19/10/18 Parlour
Date Item Description Price
17/05/19 banjo Attractive fretlees banjo c1880. 12inch rim. £365 W
. Guitar narrow bodied parlour guitar. Carved sound hole. c1900  
. Guitar Parlour guitar c1850 decorative bridge  
. Fiddle Hardanger fiddle W
. Flute Early 19th century silver mounted rosewood flute. Clementi SOLD
. Violin Mid 19th century violin of guitar outline. Falero £395 W
. Banjo Ukulele banjo. Dallas B. George Formby model. £250 W
. Violin 5 string fiddle CGDAE. Carved headstock etc £625 W
. violin 19thc fake violin labelled Thiery. Plays well £375 W
.27/03/19 Lute 23 string arch lute by Dolmetch 1957. With case £1600 W
. Lute 10 string theorbo lute guitar £425 W
. Violin Late 18thc violin £375 W
. Violin 19thc Philomele violin with carved lions head £395 W
. Viola Late 20thc German viola £350 W
. flageolet French system ebony flageolet. £225 W
. banjo 19thc 5 string by Dobson W
. Banjo 19thc 5 string by SS. Stewart.  
. Guitar 1930s resonator guitar.  
13/03/19 Mandolin Early 19thc peg tuned mandoilin. Lambert. Paris SOLD
. Mandolin 6 string Milannese mandolin W
. Guitar 6 string lute guitar c1890. Carved sound hole. £195 W
. Guitar Small palour guitar c1900. 54cm string length. £275 W
. Guitar 19thc French parlour guitar  
13/02/19 banjo Late 19thc fretless 5 string banjo by Matthews. Pewter inlays £395 W
. Waldzither 14 string 19thc  
. Guitar Unusual shaped guitar by Hunt £250 W
. Bass Half size double bass. playing order. £395 R
. Cello Late 19thc German cello. Full zize £575
. Bass Standard 1/4 size double bass. Czech £295
. Flageolet Ebony single key flageolet. Bone mouthpiece. £195 W
. Zither Rosewood finish concert zither £175
. Banjo Mandolin banjo Swannee, metal backed.  
, Viola Mittenwald viola 38cm back £195 W
, Bass 3/4 Stentor double bass with cover £495W