Lutes For Sale

Including citterns, English guitar, lute guitar, harp guitar. Hybrid instruments. Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments

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Quality Archlute by Dolmetsch, 1957. Very good condition. With case. £1600

Ref: P951L

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10 string harp guitar circa 1920s. Playing order. £395 RESERVED

Ref: P1019L

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10 string theorbo lute guitar. Good general condition. SOLD

12 string Theorbo guitar Lute. Swedish style. £665

Ref: P1018L

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Early 20thc 17 string theorbo lute. £1250


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10 string (5 course) lute. Possibly German early 19thc. £1500 RESERVEDRef:P732L

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Flat backed Lute Guitar. £225

Ref: P983L

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An early 19th century Harp Lute by Edward Light. £2250

Ref: P1050L

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Tenor Stossel lute. £295


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Baglama. Very good condition. £70

Ref: C387L

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Portuguese guitarra £395

Ref: P240L

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9 string German Cittern. Early 19thc. £695

Ref: P1029L

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Bandurria. With case. £95

Ref: C384L

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