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Late 19th century Spanish guitar. Salvador Ibanez.


Parlour guitar c1870s possible from Mirecourt, France. Good order. £550

Ref: P790G

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French parlour guitar circa 1840


Parlour guitar circa 1870 highly decorated MOP inlays


Parlour guitar circa 1910. Mother of pearl sound inlay.



Eccentric shaped guitar. Good condition. £875

Ref: P783G

Contemporary lyre guitar. Excellent condition. With case. £975


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Mid 19thc German parlour guitar. Mother of pearl inlays. £600

Ref: P592G

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Unusual 4 string tenor guitar. Probably 1930s. £125

Ref: P925G

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Seven string Russian guitar, probably early 20th century. £265

Ref: P904G

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Parlour guitar circa 1870 probably French. Wooden case. £975

Ref: P789G


Parlour guitar by J Derazey. Mirecourt. France. 1876. Good order


Unusual early 20th century parlour guitar. £295

Ref: P784G

Early 20thc oval shape guitar by Rene Gerome. slide guitar £495

Ref: P202G

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Parlour guitar c1890.