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Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments. Romantic , parlour, peg head, eccentric, and more.

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A mid 19th century French guitar stamped A. Ferry. Brevete. Good order. £1650

Ref: P1026G

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Parlour guitar c 1870s possible from Mirecourt, France. Good order. £550

Ref: P790G

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Mid 19thc German parlour guitar. Mother of pearl inlays. £600 . Ref:P592G

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Spanish/ Classical Guitar, playing order. £65

Ref: C414G

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German made flat backed Lute Guitar circa 1900. £225

Ref: P983L

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Eccentric shaped guitar. Good condition.


Contemporary lyre guitar. Excellent condition. With case. £975 . RESERVED

Ref: P794G

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c1900 parlour guitar carved sound hole c1900. £295

Ref: P1023G

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Parlour guitar c1900. £225

Ref: P984G

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Meinel & Herold, early 20thc +Mother of pearl inlay. £325

Ref: P1022G

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Parlour guitar circa 1870 probably French. Wooden case. £975 Ref:P789G Find out more


Tenor Guitar circa 1920-30s. Possibly by Regal. Playing order. SOLD

Unusual early 20th century parlour guitar. £295

Ref: P784G

Early 20thc oval shape guitar by Rene Gerome. Slide guitar. £495

Ref: P202G

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An early 20th c parlour guitar with a fretwork multi-layer sound hole. £295

Ref: P1066G

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A 19th century Parlour Guitar. Probably French. £800

Ref: P1027G

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Parlour Guitar, German. Circa 1910. Plays well. £195

Ref: P1063G

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Baroque style Guitar, peg tuned.



Rare early 19thc parlour guitar with Staufer style headstock.