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Lachenal English Concertina, plays well, recently overhauled £695

Ref: P691S

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One row melodeon c1900. Key of C. £45

Ref: C263S

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Hohner Echophone harmonica. £75

Ref: P405Sh

A double row flutina with mother of pearl keys. C1870. £265


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Hohner shift key harmonica, original wooden box 1930s £75


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Hohner Chromatic. Larry Adler model harmonica £85

Ref: P334S

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Long double row chromatic harmonica. 60cm. £120


Early 20thc button accordion or melodeon £225

Ref: P226S

Hohner sextet 6 sided harmonica. Good order £185. RESERVED


Hohner Chromatica . BASS £275


80 Bass Piano Accordion by Hohner. £95


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Ref:P142S REf: P224S