Dulcimers and Zithers For Sale

Antique, vintage and collectors' instruments

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Violin Zither, German £135

Ref: C221Z

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A rare mid 19th century Hungarian Hammered dulcimer .. £495



Rosewood concert zither by Weber. £135


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Violin zither bowed & chords £125 RESERVED

Ref: P279Z

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Concert Zither, Adalbert Schurrlein


Ref: C095Z

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19th c. Bell Harp £235



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19thc heart shaped bowed zither. £175


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Chord zither c1880. £110


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Rare 19thc Portuguese hammered dulcimer. £395

Ref: P276Z

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19thc Bell Harp "Fairy Bells" c 1880 £295

Ref: P278Z

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Eccentric 19thc violin shaped bowed zither £495

Ref: P281Z

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Medieval style Plucked Psaltery £165

Ref: C271Z

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Antique table zither or aeolian harp. SOLD

Board zither. Chromatic fretting.


Handmade Plucked Psaltery £195

Ref: C273Z

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Six Bar Autoharp £65

Ref: P277Z


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Medieval style Hammered Psaltery £95

Ref: C272Z

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