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Rare book. "One Thousand and One Banjos". Tsumura collection. . The most amazing and comprehensive collection. World renowned. Including the ex Reuben Reubens collection of pre 1900 banjos. Plus a section of bowl back mandolins. In as new condition in original hard case. 930+ pages full illustrations. Not to be confused with the much smaller 1985 book) £850

Ref:Banjo book. 1001 banjos

Five String and Zither Banjos

C1890 5 string by Lyon & Healy, Chicago. 40 tensioners. £365

Ref: P1000B Find out more

Five String open back Banjo by Kettle. £195

Ref: P826B

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Five String Banjo by Matthews, peg tuned. £225

Ref: C246B

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Five String Banjo by S S Stewart. £450

Ref: P1054B

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John Grey Five String Banjo. 1950s. Good order. £145

Ref: P832B

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Windsor Zither Banjo, five string banjo. £195

Ref: P1056B

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Five String Zither Banjo John Grey £165

Ref: C340B

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5 string Minstrel Style Banjo . £95

Ref: C376B

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5 string zither banjo early 20th century. Good order. £95

Ref: P800B

Five String Banjo by Daniels. £395

Ref: P1072B

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Late 19th century 7 string banjo by Kohler & Son. London. 12inch head. £350 . ref:P981B . Find out more



Tenor, Plectrum and Guitar Banjos  

Broadcaster Tenor Banjo. Pearloid finish. 1930s. £275 Ref:P580B

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Plectrum Banjo 1920s Wizard of New York. £165

Ref: C421B

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A 1950s guitar banjo by Framus, Germany, playing order. £195


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Quality tenor. 1980s? Mother of pearl inlays to the finger board. £400


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Tenor Banjo, probably by Framus £150

Ref: C225B

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Jedson standard tenor banjo. Birds eye maple finish. Case. £395 Ref:P739B Find out more


Eight String tenor Banjo by Will van Allen. £465

Ref: P1016B

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Short scale tenor banjo c1930., stamped "Tartini" Carved heel. £350

Ref: P1001B

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Tenor Banjo by Leedy. Chicago. Good playing order. £850

Ref: P987B

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1920s Slingerland short scale tenor banjo. Good order £225


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1920s plectrum banjo. A quality heavy  instrument. £350


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Ambassador Supremus Plectrum Banjo by Windsor. £395

Ref: P1065B

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Minstrel and other banjos

19th century Seven String Fretless Banjo. £245

Ref: P1071B

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19th century Fretless five string banjo by Ward. Liverpool. £365 . Ref:P1076B

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6 string fretless banjo. Circa 1850-60. Tunbridge Ware inlays. £885

Ref:P999B . Find out more

19th Century Five String Banjo with decorated vellum. £765 . Ref: P1069B

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6 string minstrel fretless banjo. 11 1/2 inch head c1870. £235 . Ref:P804B . Find out more

5 string 19thc fretless banjo by Matthews. Pewter inlays. 12+inch head. £425 . ref:P979B . Find out more

Ukulele Banjos

Ukulele Banjo £145

Ref: C133Bu

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Dallas B George Formby ukulele banjo. In good condition and playing order. £295 . Ref:P1082Bu

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Ukulele Banjo labelled Keech, playing order. £75

Ref: C288Bu

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Ukulele banjo 1930s. Etched back. £195

Ref: P086Bu

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John Grey "Benaries" uke banjo. Good condition. £265 RESERVED

Ref: P753Bu

"Sunray" uke banjo 1930s. £265

Ref: P751Bu

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Keech Ukulele Banjo. Good order.


Metal Bodied Ukulele Banjo, in playing order. £95

Ref: C358Bu

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Keech Ukulele Banjo. Good playing order. £165

Ref: P1038Bu

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Ukulele Banjo, 1920s/30s. £85

Ref: C418Bu

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Ukulele Banjo, labelled Sunray. Playing order. £115

Ref: C359Bu

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Mandolin Banjos

Vega" Little Wonder" mandolin banjo. Plays well. £395

Ref: P752Bm

Mandolin Banjo, aluminium and bakelite pot £95

Ref: C354Bm

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Windsor mandolin banjo, No.4. Good playing order. £145

Ref: P839Bm