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Violins, cello, double bass.

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An interesting and unusual early violin. High arching, large f holes. Modified neck. Restored. Playing order. £650

Ref: P985V

19th c German. A nicely figure two piece back 35.8cm. Good order. £270


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4/4 circa 1910 Carl Lippold. Good order £275 RESERVED

Ref: P909V

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Irish violin. Stanhope, Co Down 1852. High arching, narrow body. £850 Ref:P707V Find out more

Mid 19th C. German violin, nice flame to back. £225 Ref:C195V

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Late 19thc violin with decorative purfling. £350

Ref: P404V

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Late 19thc French by Barzoni. £850 RESERVED

Ref: P907V

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Full Size Violin, Czech Strad style £95

Ref: C253V

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Full Size German Stainer Copy Violin. Playing order. £195


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Full Size Violin, German, playing order. £250

Ref: C369V

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1920s Violin labelled Lippold, older restoration. £110

Ref:C088V Find out more


Circa 1830. Stainer type violin. £375

Ref: P863V

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Early 19thc English violin. £450

Ref: P546V

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A Scottish 4/4 violin 1936, by Gibson. £250

Ref: P969V

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Violin early 19th C, nice mellow sound. £365

Ref: C371V

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Interesting early 19thc narrow bodied Possibly Irish. £550


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19th c fiddle possibly Scottish. Slight ridged back £295

Ref: P748V

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Violin, probably circa 1800. Neck graft. Strad style. Playing order. £495

Ref: P944V

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19thc Austrian violin. Probably from Vienna. £375 . .RESERVED

Ref: P547V

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 Maggini Violin. A good well-made Maggini style full size violin. £595

Ref:P649V  Findout more

An early 20th c violin with decorative purfling. Caspar da Salo carved. £350 Ref:P432V Find outmore

French violin circa 1900 labelled Vuillaume Paris. £350


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Mid 19th c German Violin, even full tone. £350

Ref: C370V

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Full Size German Violin c. 1910 £150

Ref: C345V

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19th century German violin with Baroque set up. £295

Ref: P943V

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18thc violin. Neck graft. £495

Ref: P944V

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labelled Vincenzo Jorio, Napoli. 1833. £395

Ref: P975V

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Early 19thc Hopf Violin.

Plays well. £895

Ref: P973V

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