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Violins, cello, double bass.

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Irish violin. Stanhope, Co Down 1852 . High arching, narrow body.



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19thc German violin. Plays well. £225

Ref: P734V

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19thc German violin. Good order. Plays well. £270

Ref: P056V

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19th c violin. Close curled 2 piece back. Plays well. £295

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Mid 19th C. German violin, nice flame to back. £225


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19th century violin. Possibly Dutch.


Early 19thc English violin. £450 .

Ref: P546V

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Early 19thc transitional violin £395


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"The Maidstone" German-made Violin. £150

Ref: C245V

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An interesting early 19thc narrow bodied violin. Possibly Irish. £550


19th c fiddle possibly Scottish. Slight ridged back £295

Ref: P748V

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Full Size Violin, Probably French £350

Ref: C123V

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Antique Violin


Ref: C197V

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German 4/4 violin c1890. £255

Ref :P157V

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An early 20thc violin with decorative purfling. Caspar da Salo carved. £350

Ref: P432V

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19thc French violin. Probably by Thibouville-Lamy. £250

Ref: P370V

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Late 18th century violin.


Interesting deep arched violin. Probably c 1740 £550

Ref: P743V

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Late 19thc violin with decorative purfling. £350

Ref: P404V

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Contemporary full size violin, in playing order £150

Ref: C300V

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 Maggini Violin. A good well-made Maggini style full size violin. £595


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19thc Austrian violin. Probably from Vienna. £375

Ref: P547V

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Luthier-made violin c 1890s £195

Ref: C261V

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